The ideal outdoor-companion

CONE Bluetooth® Speaker

A “boombastic Dark Helmet“ for on-the-go

DANCE Bluetooth® Kevlar® speaker

Next Generation, now with a Kevlar membrane

DANCE VacuumSpeaker

Love at the first beat!

XSplus VacuumSpeaker

Small but powerful

Sound & Energy to go


We love music. And great sound. Always and everywhere. At the lake. At the barbecue. At the picnic. In the park. On holiday. At the beach.

Experience our mini-speakers for yourself and get your own Sound to Go.


We all know the feeling. Your're out and about. Travelling. Suddenly, your battery dies. No plug socket in sight. You need power. And quickly.

Our Energy to Go products power your electronic device (mobile phone, smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, outdoor GPS device etc.) anytime and anywhere.