Here's what the celebs are saying about RAIKKO

Jupiter Jones

Jupiter Jones

"Music at full blast for on the move! Ever since we were allowed to test the new RAIKKO DANCE speakers, we’ve had to have them with us whenever we’re on the road. They are small, look great and fit into (almost) any pocket, yet still manage to provide sound for the entire tour bus. We wouldn’t want to do without them.”"

Culcha Candela

Culcha Candela

Jonny Strange

"I totally applaud the Vacuum Speaker XS plus!!! It’s so unbelievable that so much great sound can come out of such a small pea! Combined with the Bluetooth adapter: unbeatable... Backstage with Culcha, we’ve also already definitely thrown some decent after parties with at least ten people using its big brother Dance Vacuum Speaker! The fun factor = top!"

Band Donots

"Fantastic 'speakers to go' - we're on the road a lot and we always take RAIKKO with us! Small, practical, yet powerful sound"

Ingo Pohlmann

"Nowadays we play music through computers or mobile phones more and more often. But this leaves out much of what is important and beautiful. Our listening habits are changing. Some record companies even tell you straight that your mix must sound good on computer. So I am glad that you can just plug in these boxes which don't deprive the music of what is great. It would be bad if musicians had to mix music in studios just for the computer sound ;-) Bass ade..."

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